DennyTips Terms of Use for Recipients

I.             Concepts 

1.1.  A tip is a voluntary payment made by the Payer, understood as an assessment or gratitude to the Recipient for the service.

1.2. DennyPay- UAB DennyPay, legal entity code 304887823, registered office address Ulonųstr. 5, LT-08240 Vilnius, Lithuania, having concluded Commercial Representation Agreements with the Recipients, accordingto which it  collects A rbat money  on behalf of the Recipients, as the salesagent of the Recipients, and forthis purpose has developed and managed the DennyTips system.

1.3. DennyTipssystem is a system managed by DENNYPay, UAB for collecting tips from payers anddistributing them to recipients.

1.4. Therecipients is  an employee of theinstitution who providesservice to the clients (Payers)  of the institution and hasconcluded a Commercial Representation Agreement with DennyPay.

1.5. Acommercial representation agreement is an agreement concluded between DennyPayand the Recipient, according to which the Recipient has authorized DennyPay, ashis commercial agent, tocollect Arbat money  on hisbehalf and is included in the DennyTips system.

1.6.  institution – a company that provides servicesto payers and has concluded a work (provision of services) agreement with theRecipient.

1.7. Payer -a natural or legal person who makes a payment in dennyTips system, thus leavingthe Recipients a Tip.

1.8. "Rules"means these  rules for the use of the Dennytipssystem, with all amendments and additions thereto, and the information providedin the links specified in these Rules, according to which the Recipients aregranted the right to use the DennyTips system.

1.9. A QRCode (Quick Response Code) is a matrix code (two-dimensional barcode) developedin 1994 by denso-wave corporation for the Japanese automotive industry. A QRcode is an optical label designed for decryption at high speed.  

II.           Validity and amendment of rules 

2.1. TheseRules set out the rights and obligations of the Recipients in connection withthe use of the DennyTips system. They apply to all Recipients who haveconfirmed familiarization with the Rules and are obliged to comply with them,expressing their consent to clause 2.2 of the Rules. in accordance with theprocedure laid down in this paragraph.

2.2.  The recipient registered in dennyTips systemshall be provided with the following Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy to thee-mail address indicated by the Recipient, which the Recipient familiarizeshimself with and expresses his consent to comply with them. Consent isexpressed by using the link received by e-mail, ticking a tick (or in anotherway equivalent to it) confirmation of the read Terms and the obligation tocomply with them.

2.3. For thesake of clarity, it is indicated that there is no possible situation when theRecipient agrees and undertakes to comply with the Rules with certainexceptions. If the Recipient has comments or wants to behave in a different wayfrom the one specified in the Rules, the prior written consent of  DennyPay must be obtained or wait until the Rules are amended accordingly.

2.4. In theevent that the Rules contain a link to more detailed places of information(e.g. available in dennyTips system), it is considered that the information ispart of the Rules, the Recipient is familiar with it and confirms it byexpressing his consent to the Rules.

2.5.  The Recipient shall be informed about thechanges to the Rules by e-mail, in the same form as when getting acquaintedwith the Rules for the first time. The time limit for the entry into force ofthe amendments shall be indicated in the notification of the amendments. If theRecipient does not agree with the amendments to the Rules, he has the right toapply to the institution for the removal of the Recipient from the DennyTipssystem. Until the Recipient is removed from the DennyTips system, the servicesare provided and received in accordance with the version of the Rules in forceuntil the moment of removal. 

III.          Using dennyTips system 

3.1.  In order for the Recipient to use theDennyTips system, the following steps are performed:

3.1.1.     in orderto enable theRecipient to use the Service,  therepresentativeof the office shallregister  the office in dennyTips. Data provided: companyname, company code,  name of theinstitution (object), e-mail address, name of the representative and contactphone number, password.

3.1.2.     theinstitution shall be provided by e-mail  with an  indication of the confirmation of registration  in dennyTips.  Once the registration has been approved, theinstitution is given access to the pasra in dennyTips.

3.1.3.     Afterlogging in to the created account,  therepresentative of the institution enters the Recipient's information indennyTips system. Data entered: Recipient's name, surname, settlement bankaccount number, personal identification number, telephone number, e-mailaddress, Recipient's group and description. The link formed by the DennyTipssystem must be printed on a stand, business card or entered into the processmanagement and automation system used by the institution in order to enable theprinting of the QR code on the cashier's check, on the basis of which theinstitution's customers (Payers) pay.  The recipient's personal code isvisible to the institution only at the time of entry, after saving theRecipient's registration, the personal code is anonymized, and only the last 4digits of the personal code are available.

3.1.4.     Therecipient registered in the DennyTips system is provided with a link to  the registration  in dennyTipssystem and a Commercial Representation Agreement at the e-mail address,  according to which DenyyPay undertakes to providethe Recipient with Tipping transfer services. If the recipient agrees to theterms of the Agency Agreement, he approves the Commercial Representation Agreementin accordance with the procedure specified in the e-mail and becomes a  user of the DennyTips system. When theinstitution registers all the necessary information specified in paragraph3.1.3 of the Rules. and the Recipient approves  the terms of the Commercial RepresentationAgreement, he may be printed with a unique QR code on theasos check, on thestand or on the business card.

3.1.5.     Afterthe Recipient registers in the system, he is given access to his personal accountof Arbat cash, where he can monitor the collected and already paid Arbat cash,accrued personal income taxes and system commission fees, left comments of thePayers, change his personal data, and initiate the payment of A rbat cash.

3.2. When theRecipient serves the clients of the institution and prints the cashier's check,a unique Qr code of the Recipient is displayed on the check, on the stand or onthe business card , after scanning which the Payer can make apayment ofArbatpayment.

3.3. TheTipping payment made by the Payer shall be transferred to DennyPay's account asthe Recipient's commercial agent and subsequently, in accordance with theCommercial Representation Agreement, distributed and transferredas to thePayee's checking bank account. The part of the funds specified in theRecipient's application for the collection of A rbat allowance in dennyTipssystem shall be transferred to the Recipient after deducting the personalincome (or other equivalent) taxes and commission tax established by theRepublic of Lithuania.  The funds collected to the beneficiaryduring the month shall be transferred no later than 3 working days after theinitiation of the payment of the A rbac-allowance.

3.4. DennyPayshall pay in a timely manner and in accordance withthe establishedprocedure a personal income tax (or other equivalent to it) established inthe legal acts of the Republic ofLithuania, which is deducted from the received Tipping.

3.5. If theRecipient terminates the employment (or service provision) contract with theinstitution, the institution applies with a request to the administrator toconfirm the payment of the Tip to the Recipient by e-mail  DennyPayis not liable for unpaid Tipping due to the fault of the institution.

IV.          Obligations
of the recipient 

4.1. Therecipient has the right to:

4.1.1. Afterthe Payer has made the Tipping payment, after scanning the QR code assigned tothe Recipient, receive the part of the Tipping belonging to the Recipient tothe  Payee's current bank accountspecified in theDennyTips system.

4.1.2. Modify thedata provided in dennyTips system by contacting the institution for theprovision of such data.

4.1.3. Requirethe cancellation of the Recipient's account in DennyTips by making such a claimto the institution.

4.2. Thebeneficiary undertakes to:

4.2.1. Toprovide correct and complete data in order for the Recipient to be registeredin dennyTips system and ensure that the data belonging to the Recipient,including the current bank account, is provided.  the institution and DennyPay shall not beliable for  the transfer of tipping to a checking bank accountbelonging to a third party, if such data has been provided by the Recipient tothe institution.

4.2.2. Immediatelyinform the institution of a change in personal data (including a settlementbank account), in particular in the event that a change in personal data  maylead to the transfer of A rbat cash to a third party.

4.2.3. AtspaustedQR code should only be used to collect A rbat cash from the recipient'sserviced customers of the institution. The recipient is strictly forbidden touse the QR code to collect payments other than those indicated in this item

.4.2.4.  If theRecipient uses the QR code for other purposes and receives payments not relatedto the recipient's Arbacrimage from the institution's customers, the Recipientshall be considered fully responsible for the return of such payments to thePayer. Neither DennyPay nor the institution may incur any liability forunjustifiably received payments to the Recipient's account, unless it was dueto the fault of DennyPay or the institution and this fault is based on writtenevidence. 

V.           Final provisions 

5.1. ThePayer, the institution and DennyPay shall not be liable for the inaccessibilityof the DennyTips system through no fault of their own and for othermalfunctions beyond their control.

5.2. DennyPayshall not be liable for disputes between the Recipient, the institution and thePayers regarding the qualityof the services provided. All these issues must bedealt with directly with the body.

5.3. DennyPaydoes not undertake to transfer any specific amount to the Recipient every monthor for another period, and the amount of payments depends on the amount of theTipping payment to the Payer. The Recipient confirms that he understands thatthe Tipping is a voluntary action of the Payer and dennyPay is not responsiblefor its size.

5.4. TheRecipient shall not be entitled to request to DennyPay to transfer any otherfunds or to administer any other payments other than those made by the Payer asTipping by using  the  unique Recipient's QR code generated by DennyTips.

5.5. Therecipient's account shall be deemed to have been activated in the DennyTipssystem from the date of approval of these Rules and shall remain active untilit is cancelled upon the recipient's request to the institution or upontermination of the employment or service contract with the institution. Theresponsibility for deleting the Recipient's data from  the DennyTipssystem is considered to be the responsible body.

VI.          Approval of rules
 6.1. TheRecipient confirms that he has familiarized himself with the Rules andundertakes to comply with them without reservations.