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How it works by scanning a QR code?

Step 1

Point your smart phone camera at the QR code on the receipt

Step 2

Choose the tip amount and the most convenient payment method.

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Step 3

Your tip reaches the recipient instantly. Rate your experience during your visit.

How does it work at the bank terminal?

Let's choose a waiter

In the terminal, we select the waiter serving the table from the list

Enter the order amount

Specify the amount of the order

The customer chooses the tip amount

The customer chooses a percentage or numeric tip amount

Business types

If you work or have a company in a field where customers leave tips to thank the staff, we can help you collect even more.

Whether you tip collectively or individually, DennyTips adapts to you. Tips can be collected individually, collectively, or in a mixed manner. It won't take you more than a minute to distribute collectively collected tips.

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DennyTips is a completely free digital tipping solution for businesses and their employees. There are no installation, monthly or other fees. There are also no fixed term contracts. This means that if our solution does not suit you, you can terminate the contract at any time.


The DennyTips solution costs nothing. In Lithuania, we have a 15% GPM tax, which we deduct from tips and pay to the state on behalf of the employee.


DennyTips costs nothing to the restaurant. There are no installation, maintenance, monthly or other fees. There are no fixed term contracts.


There is a minimum transaction fee, which the customer is informed about when leaving a tip.

Why us?

DennyTips - Gives your guests a chance to thank you with a tip when they run out of cash. It motivates your employees and improves the quality of services!

The installation of the solution is fast, simple and secure. As soon as you sign up and log in, you get an active QR code that you can use to collect tips right away.

No additional equipment is required
Registration takes just a few minutes
You will be able to collect tips immediately after registration
There are no fixed term contracts
There is no setup fee
No monthly fees
We pay GPM on behalf of employees

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Frequently asked questions

Why use DennyTips?

Tipping is a natural and traditional way of thanking for quality and pleasant services. DennyTips is a solution that gives guests the opportunity to do this safely and comfortably.

Do I need an app to leave a tip?

No application required. To thank the waiter/bartender with a tip without cash, all you need is a smartphone.

How does DennyTips work?

- A personal QR code is generated for each employee.

- The QR code can be on the fiscal check, pre-check, tables, stands or anywhere you want.

​​- After scanning the QR code, restaurant guests are redirected to the tipping environment.

​​- Select the amount of tip and the most convenient payment method.

- The tips immediately reach the recipient on the DennyTips platform.​​

- Employees can transfer accumulated tips to their personal account an unlimited number of times.

How Much Does DennyTips Cost?

DennyTips is a completely free tipping solution for businesses and their employees. There is no setup fee or monthly fee. There are no fixed term contracts. If something did not suit you - you can terminate our services at any time.

Are tips taxable?

Yes. In Lithuania, tips are classified as B-level income and are subject to a GPM rate of 15%. Neither the restaurant nor the waiter needs to worry about declaring this income. UAB DennyPay performs these actions on behalf of employees.

Does the company's accounting department need to keep track of tips collected on the DennyTips platform?

There is no additional work for the company's accounting. Tips go to UAB DennyPay account and are paid directly to employees' accounts. All accounting and tax payments related to tips are handled by UAB DennyPay.

What do I need to get started with DennyTips?

Contact us by phone +370 674 66746 or simply fill out the form here and we will contact you.

Still have questions? Call +370 620 33323 or email


Collect more tips
It only takes a few minutes to get started
No additional equipment is required
There are no fixed term contracts
No monthly fees
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